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Retiring after 30 years

June 13, 2018 by David Maslowski (Register to contact)

Flying as a captain on Emirates air A380 Air bus


July 11, 2017 by John Swerens (Register to contact)

John Swerens passed on May 6, 2017.

DECEASED CHS '65 MEMBERS--CHRONOLOGY--as of September 28, 2015

October 15, 2015 by Karen Lynch Lynch Schirra (Register to contact)

DECEASED CHS '65 MEMBERS--CHRONOLOGY--as of September 28, 2015

Issued by: Karen Lynch-Schirra, Class Officer, Carrick High School, Class of 1965

1. PFC Dana J. Micola, U.S.A. (April 16, 1966)
2. Charles Richard Schroeder (October 3, 1966)
3. David August Mihm (August 24, 1967)
4. PFC Kenneth J. McCluskey, U.S.M.C. (September 26, 1969)
5. Phillip H. Krieger (1970)
6. Robert "Butchie" James Jackson Jr. (c. 1970s)
7. Philip R. Mayo (June 26, 1973)
8. Ronald Eugene Walton (March 3, 1978)
9. Lenore Reynolds (1979)
10. Susan J. Lewis (July 1, 1979)
11. 2nd Lt. George A. Beattie, U.S.N. (September 14, 1981)
12. Ronald L. MacKay (December 8, 1990)
13. Robert Anthony Chojnacki (September 9, 1992)
14. Donna Frances Leibfried Harrison (March 3, 1993)
15. William L. Sommer III (June 21, 1995)
16. Edward D. Kochowski (August 20, 1997)
17. Nina Lee Hilton (July 26, 1999)
18. Edward Leonard Cerminara (March 4, 2001)
19. Linda E. Bennett Lauria (April 12, 2001)
20. Nancy Jane Davis Gruntz (July 4, 2001)
21. Joyce Ann Lewandowski (August 31, 2001)
22. Richard Presley (September 13, 2001)
23. Master Sergeant George F. Rhodes II, U.S.A.F. (ret.) (November 9, 2001)
24. James J. Dupont (January 3, 2003)
25. Lawrence Edward Bielski (April 24, 2003)
26. Patrick "Wayne" Wayne McArdle (died pre-August 25, 2003)
27. Rosemary Field English (October 30, 2003)
28. Jeffrey A. Papp (December 18, 2004)
29. Lynnette A. Yurochko Holzer (October 15, 2005)
30. Edward T. Drudy Jr. (December 22, 2005)
31. Patricia A. Snow Donsbach (January 23, 2006)
32. Richard Joseph Brill (January 28, 2006)
33. Ronald Anderson Crawford (July 17, 2006)
34. James C. Russell Jr. (February 28, 2007)
35. Margaret "Margie" M. Cerminara Gardom (June 29, 2007)
36. Michael Raymond Pallotta Plummer (July 1, 2007)
37. Gretta Carolyn Kuhlmann (March 18, 2008)
38. Sophia Putiak Belliotti (June 16, 2008)
39. Sharon L. Romango Catale (September 6, 2008)
40. Andrew Raymond Young (August 5, 2009)
41. Cynthia "Cindi" Mary Long Jordan (February 12, 2011)
42. James Gregory Goldbach (July 6, 2011)
43. Harry S. Guenther (March 12, 2012)
44. John "Winnie" Winowich (November 3, 2012)
45. Phyllis J. Stash Rhea (July 5, 2013)
46. Paul J. Gratzmiller (December 23, 2013)
47. Robert W. "Sleb" Slebrich (May 10, 2014)
48. Nadean C. Loy Davis (June 2, 2014)
49. Kenneth D. McCue (October 7, 2014)
50. William Allen Mudron (November 24, 2014)
51. Robert "Cozy" W. Cole (December 19, 2014)
52. George P. Vinarski (June 12, 2015)
53. Sandy Geraci Weber (June 27, 2015)
54. Lynda Bouvy Bohley (July 20, 2015)

Note: Although many served in our country's Armed Services, only those who either died during their service time or who retired from service are noted with their rank and military branch.

Note: Please advise if you know of or have heard rumors about anyone from our class who has died. The same scrupulous care will be taken to investigate the rumors and to confirm the deaths.

In Memoraim: CHS '65 -- as of June 27, 2015

July 7, 2015 by Karen Lynch Lynch Schirra (Register to contact)

Issued by: Karen Lynch-Schirra, Class Officer, Carrick High School, Class of 1965

1. PFC Dana J. Micola, U.S.A.
2. Charles Richard Schroeder
3. David August Mihm
4. PFC Kenneth J. McCluskey, U.S.M.C.
5. Phillip H. Krieger
6. Robert "Butchie" James Jackson Jr.
7. Philip R. Mayo
8. Ronald Eugene Walton
9. Lenore Reynolds
10. Susan J. Lewis
11. 2nd Lt. George A. Beattie, U.S.N.
12. Ronald L. MacKay
13. Robert Anthony Chojnacki
14. Donna Frances Leibfried Harrison
15. William L. Sommer III
16. Edward D. Kochowski
17. Nina Lee Hilton
18. Edward Leonard Cerminara
19. Linda E. Bennett Lauria
20. Nancy Jane Davis Gruntz
21. Joyce Ann Lewandowski
22. Richard Presley
23. Master Sergeant George F. Rhodes II, U.S.A.F. (ret.)
24. James J. Dupont
25. Lawrence Edward Bielski
26. Patrick "Wayne" Wayne McArdle
27. Rosemary Field English
28. Jeffrey A. Papp
29. Lynnette A. Yurochko Holzer
30. Edward T. Drudy Jr.
31. Patricia A. Snow Donsbach
32. Richard Joseph Brill
33. Ronald Anderson Crawford
34. James C. Russell Jr.
35. Margaret "Margie" M. Cerminara Gardom
36. Michael Raymond Pallotta Plummer
37. Gretta Carolyn Kuhlmann
38. Sophia Putiak Belliotti
39. Sharon L. Romango Catale
40. Andrew Raymond Young
41. Cynthia "Cindi" Mary Long Jordan
42. James Gregory Goldbach
43. Harry S. Guenther
44. John "Winnie" Winowich
45. Phyllis J. Stash Rhea
46. Paul J. Gratzmiller
47. Robert W. "Sleb" Slebrich
48. Nadean C. Loy Davis
49. Kenneth D. McCue
50. William Allen Mudron
51. Robert "Cozy" W. Cole
52. George Peter Vinarski
53. Sandra Louise Geraci Weber

Note: Although many served in our country's Armed Services, only those who either died during their service time or who retired from service are noted with their rank and military branch.

Note: Please advise if you know of or have heard rumors about anyone from our class who has died. The same scrupulous care will be taken to confirm the death and to investigate the rumors.

Deceased CHS '65 Classmates

November 28, 2014 by Karen Lynch Lynch Schirra (Register to contact)

DECEASED CHS ’65 MEMBERS--as of November 27, 2014
Issued by: Karen Lynch-Schirra, Class Officer, Carrick High School, Class of 1965

1. 2nd Lt. George A. Beattie, U.S.N.
2. Linda E. Bennett Lauria
3. Lawrence Edward Bielski
4. Richard Joseph Brill
5. Edward Leonard Cerminara
6. Margaret "Margie" M. Cerminara Gardom
7. Robert Anthony Chojnacki
8. Ronald Anderson Crawford
9. James Gregory Goldbach
10. Nancy Jane Davis Gruntz
11. Edward T. Drudy Jr.
12. James J. Dupont
13. Rosemary Field English
14. Paul J. Gratzmiller
15. Harry S. Guenther
16. Nina Lee Hilton
17. Robert "Butchie" James Jackson Jr.
18. Edward D. Kochowski
19. Phillip H. Krieger
20. Gretta Carolyn Kuhlmann
21. Donna Frances Leibfried Harrison
22. Joyce Ann Lewandowski
23. Susan J. Lewis
24. Cynthia "Cindi" Mary Long Jordan
25. Nadean C. Loy Davis
26. Ronald L. MacKay
27. Patrick Wayne “Wayne” McArdle
28. PFC Kenneth J. McCluskey, U.S.M.C.
29. Kenneth McCue
30. Philip R. Mayo
31. PFC Dana J. Micola, U.S.A.
32. David August Mihm
33. William Allen Mudron
34. Michael Raymond Pallotta (took his birth-father's surname of "Plummer")
35. Jeffrey A. Papp
36. Richard Presley
37. Sophia Putiak Belliotti
38. Lenore Reynolds
39. Master Sergeant George F. Rhodes II, U.S.A.F. (ret.)
40. Sharon L. Romango Catale
41. James C. Russell Jr.
42. Charles Richard Schroeder
43. Robert W. “Sleb” Slebrich
44. Patricia A. Snow Donsbach
45. William L. Sommer III
46. Phyllis J. Stash Rhea
47. Ronald Eugene Walton
48. John "Winnie" Winowich
49. Andrew Raymond Young
50. Lynnette A. Yurochko Holzer

Carrick High's 90th Birthday

February 27, 2014 by Paul Harrison (Register to contact)

To protect privacy, contact info has been removed from this post. Register to see the original with contact info.

Carrick High will mark its 90th Birthday on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 with a flag raising ceremony at the high school on Parkfield Street. More information: e-mail *****

CHS Alumni Sports Hall of Fame

February 27, 2014 by Paul Harrison (Register to contact)

To protect privacy, contact info has been removed from this post. Register to see the original with contact info.

The Carrick High Alumni Association will install a number of Carrick High's excellent athletes at a luncheon on Sunday, May 25, 2014 in the Grand Ballroom of the South Hills Country Club. For more information e-mail *****

CHS '65's "Distinguished Alumni 2013" Honoree

August 13, 2013 by Karen Lynch Lynch Schirra (Register to contact)

With the greatest of pride, CHS '65 congratulates HAROLD "HAL" F. MARKS JR. on his being honored as one of the recipients of Carrick High School Alumni Association's "Distinguished Alumni, 2013."

Hal retired after an illustrious career as an algebra teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Hal's other awards are numerous, including "All Star Educator/Excellence in Teaching" from the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette" and the University of Pittsburgh and as the recipient of the "Alumni Hall of Fame Award" from the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Fellow classmates and dearest friends, Lynne Charters Slogan and Karen Lynch-Schirra, were at the Ninth Annual Awards Luncheon on August 11, 2013 at South Hills Country Club to watch their classmate and friend Hal receive his award and to support the other awardees.

Carrick High School News From Around The Web

Police: Carrick HS Student Tried To Bring Heroin Into School  CBS Pittsburgh / KDKA

At Carrick High School, an unidentified student is facing charges in Juvenile Court after police say he tried to bring heroin into school.

CARRICK THREAT: Carrick HS placed on modified lockdown Monday | WPXI  WPXI Pittsburgh

A threat circulating on social media had Pittsburgh's Carrick High School operating on a modified lockdown Monday, a Pittsburgh Public Schools spokeswoman ...

Lock down or make a run for it? Carrick students, teachers have to decide during active-shooter training  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Carrick High School was eerily hushed Friday morning as guards in the first-floor security booth toggled between feeds from the building's ...

Harry E. McMinn, Jr. Obituary

HEMPFIELD TWP., PA (MyValleyTributes) - Harry E. McMinn, Jr., 92, of West Methodist Road, Hempfield Township, passed away Saturday morning, November ...

Social media threat meant for school in N.M.; Pittsburgh Carrick High to remain on modified lockdown  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A social media threat that forced officials to place Pittsburgh Carrick High School on modified lockdown Monday was determined to have targeted a school in ...

Couple charged with selling drugs, endangering children across from Carrick High School  Tribune-Review

A Carrick couple was arrested on charges of drug possession and child endangerment Wednesday night after a police search found drugs within reach of 1- and ...

Teen Arrested For Allegedly Bringing Heroin To High School  Pittsburgh, PA Patch

Teen Arrested For Bringing Heroin To High School - Pittsburgh, PA - The drugs were discovered after the student triggered a metal detector.

1 Injured In Carrick Shooting, Police Investigating  CBS Pittsburgh / KDKA

One person has been hospitalized following a shooting in Carrick Thursday morning.

Pittsburgh Carrick: School sees benefits in anti-drug partnership with Pitt School of Pharmacy  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When a student at Pittsburgh Carrick High School lost her mother to an overdose last year, she was very private about it. Students at the school -— in the heart of ...

Shooting prompts lockdown of nearby Pittsburgh high school | WPXI  WPXI Pittsburgh

A shooting in Pittsburgh's Carrick neighborhood Thursday morning prompted a modified lockdown at Carrick High School.

One wounded in Carrick shooting; high school placed on lockdown  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A man was shot in the arm early Thursday in Pittsburgh's Carrick neighborhood, prompting the Carrick High School to be put on lockdown. A statement from ...

CARRICK DRUG BUST: Drugs, guns found in reach of children at home across from high school | WPXI  WPXI Pittsburgh

A couple was charged Wednesday after drugs and guns were found inside a Pittsburgh home they shared with two young children.

CARRICK BANK ROBBERY: 2 schools temporarily locked down after bank robbery | WPXI  WPXI Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh police and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are asking for the public's assistance in identifying a man who robbed a bank in Carrick Wednesday.

Bethel Park High School plans active shooter training on Thursday  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Bethel Park High School will hold active shooter training for students and staff on Thursday. School police and staff will conduct the drill using ALICE (Alert ...

Miscommunication leads to delay in school bus pickups in Carrick  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Eighteen students who receive special education services at Carrick High School were not picked up at the usual time by their school buses on Wednesday ...

Teenager arrested in killing of Carrick High School student  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh police have arrested a teenager accused of fatally shooting a 17-year-old Homewood girl in September. Steven Cansler, 16, of East Liberty was ...

The 1Million Project Foundation To Connect More Than 600 Pittsburgh High School Students In The 2018-2019 School Year  PR Newswire

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sprint (NYSE: S) and Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) announced at an event today that 630 high ...

Drug Charges Pending Against Allderdice HS Teacher  CBS Pittsburgh / KDKA

Drug charges are pending against a teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools District.

Opiod Action Coalition will hold a public meeting July 19  South Pittsburgh Reporter

The South Pittsburgh Opioid Action Coalition (SPOAC) and its partners will hold a community meeting on July 19 to inform the community about its work.

Pittsburgh high schools working to close computer literacy gap  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A new program utilizes volunteers to help in the classroom with computer literacy.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Allegheny County secondary school start times for 2017-18  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Springdale Jr-Sr HS - 7:45 a.m.. Avonworth. Advertisement. Avonworth MS - 8 a.m.. Pitt's Office of Child Development created a program for local schools to ...

Pittsburgh LGBT student denied from homecoming dance claims discrimination  PGH City Paper

At Carrick High School, a lesbian student and school officials are at odds after the student was barred from last month's homecoming dance. Sammyah Turner, a ...

Five homeless youths receive $5000 college scholarships  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Tyrese Suttles just graduated from Pittsburgh Carrick High School this year, but he's no stranger to homelessness. Growing up in the foster care system, there ...

‘Project Prom’ Aims To Help Teens Struggling To Afford Dance Expenses  CBS Pittsburgh / KDKA

Every young woman wants to go to her prom, but many can't afford the cost. The annual "Project Prom" boutique aims to solve that problem.

Baldwin-Whitehall School District hosts opioid town hall in aftermath of two alumni deaths  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

No one is immune from this epidemic,” said Denise Sedlacek, assistant superintendent for the district.

Life and Death on Santron Avenue  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Glenn Jeffries and Autumn Rudolph live in a house at Santron Avenue's lowest point. By the summer of 2017, the couple had been addicted to opiates for about ...

Who's Next: Education: Meet 20 people shaping a future generation in Pittsburgh  The Incline

We've all been impacted by an educator or two or three. Here, in our latest Who's Next class, presented by S&T Bank, we honor 20 individuals who are making a ...

Readshaw honors Carrick wrestlers  South Pittsburgh Reporter

State Rep. Harry Readshaw has presented a Pennsylvania House of Representative citation to the Pittsburgh Carrick High School wrestling team, the.

Life and death on Santron Avenue | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Steve Mellon, Rich Lord and Stephanie Strasburg of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette spent five months reporting on and photographing the impact of the opioid drug ...

‘I’m Tired’: Friends, Family Of Murdered Girl Speak Against Gun Violence  CBS Local

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — People who knew Daija McCall can't understand why anyone would harm the likable 17-year-old. She was walking near the corner of ...

'We Will Not Be Erased.' Pittsburghers Rally Against Federal Gender Definition Proposal  90.5 WESA

Members of Pittsburgh's transgender community and allies gathered downtown Thursday evening to protest what they call the attempted erasure of their.

Pittsburgh Public Schools police chief laments board decision not to arm school officers  PublicSource

Pittsburgh Public Schools Chief of Safety George Brown Jr., who was in favor of the controversial proposal to arm his force, said after the meeting: “Let's pray ...

Man found guilty in Homewood shooting death of teenage girl  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Perry North man was found guilty Friday of second-degree murder in relation to the shooting death of a Homewood girl. Douglas Lockett Jr., 20, is scheduled ...

‘That’s mine:’ Suspect who police say admitted to possessing cocaine is spending birthday in jail  WTAE Pittsburgh

Tyrell Johnson is spending his 28th birthday in the Allegheny County Jail on Thursday as one of two people charged after police searched a Carrick apartment, ...

Overtime…2016 City League Hall of Fame honorees announced  New Pittsburgh Courier

10 It's important that I get started with a profound and heartfelt acknowledgment to the courage demonstrated by the seven year old girl that found her mental and ...

Pittsburgh's favorite time capsule — you know it as Kennywood — is set to open once again  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Emerge from the entrance to Kennywood Park. Take a look around. If you didn't know beforehand, you might have a tough time discerning what year it is.

50 Pa. schools with the worst ACT scores

The Pa. Department of Education recently released the average ACT scores from more than 650 public high schools.

Pittsburgh Public Schools makes 14 principal changes throughout district  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Fourteen principal changes were made by the board of Pittsburgh Public Schools tonight and an acting administrator has been named to a permanent position.

Trial begins in shooting death of teenage girl  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The prosecutor said that the teenage girl who was killed in 2016 was looking for a quick payday. Daija McCall, 17, of Homewood thought she could make a ...

Jefferson-Morgan's Gavin Teasdale selected to Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Jefferson-Morgan senior Gavin Teasdale has been selected to wrestle in the 44th annual Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic March 25 at the University of Pittsburgh's ...

Perry North man sentenced to life in murder of 17-year-old Homewood girl  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Perry North man has been sentenced to a mandatory term of life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 2016 murder of Daija McCall, 17, ...

Mount Oliver teen shot in his home improves as his brother is mourned  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The 16-year-old's condition improved Monday after he was critically wounded in a shooting that left his 11-year-old brother dead, police said.

Overbrook at a glance  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Overbrook abuts the city neighborhoods of Brookline and Carrick as well as the boroughs of Castle Shannon and Whitehall.

At Site Of 'Dilly Grove' Amusement Park, Carrick Volunteers Hope To Have A Thriving Community Center  90.5 WESA

Amy Kline moved to Carrick eight years ago, and soon after, she became acquainted with Phillips Park. Kline sent her daughter to the park's after-school.

Jon Istik will be inducted into the City League All-Sports Hall of Fame  South Pittsburgh Reporter

Besides playing on South High School's first undefeated football team in 1973, Jon Istik left his own indelible impression. “He was kind of a.

Brookline gathering focuses on solutions to addiction  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A “resource fair” is the first public event for a coalition that aims to turn the tide against narcotic addiction.

Co-Defendant Testifies Against Others In Knoxville Homicide  CBS Local

A man charged in a Knoxville deadly shooting turned on his co-defendants and testified against them.

Pitt team wins first $1M Magee research award for women's health  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Three teams were finalists for $1 million in funding for innovative women's health research.

Crime updates, news of new safety position outlined in Carrick  South Pittsburgh Reporter

A monthly crime report, a Big Brothers Big Sisters program overview, and the announcement of a new Zone 3 Public Safety official were all part of.

This Summer STEM Program Is Mostly Female, Adviser Says Mentorship Is Key  90.5 WESA

Asia Parker wants to be a mathematics professor. “Math is just amazing. You can do anything,” she said. Parker, 17 from Carrick, waited in a Duquesne.

She missed practice, now Carrick senior not allowed at commencement  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When Rebecca Ross ordered her gold graduation cap and gown in preparation for her Carrick High School commencement, she expected to be walking across ...

Local students complete Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program in Carrick  South Pittsburgh Reporter

Seven area students completed the eight-session Youth Leadership Program conducted by Toastmasters Carrick PA On May 2. The program is designed to.

Bhutanese seek to let their children, others learn the beauty of their culture  South Pittsburgh Reporter

Bhutanese refugees in the U.S. have been committing suicide at a higher rate than any other refugee group. This highlights the difficulty this.

Joe Giansante, the teacher who's fighting his dismissal  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Joe Giansante didn't become a teacher until he was 45 years old. “I thought I could save the world,” said Mr. Giansante, who holds a bachelor's degree in ...

Opioid addiction experts and struggling families agree: Unleash every available treatment option  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

RIDING OD ROAD: Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's special report on the depth and scope of the opioid epidemic and its affects on one particular ...

Five held for trial in fatal shooting of Carrick teen, 15, in Knoxville  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Four men charged in the drive-by shooting of a teenager in Knoxville in September were held for trial Friday on homicide and other charges. A fifth suspect ...

Frank, informed voice of Jean Fink leaves Pittsburgh school board after 33 years  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Jean Fink is the only member from the first days of an elected school board -- something she fought for and joined when it began in 1976.

Family recounts troubled life of 16-year-old that ended with fatal beating at group home  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Two women stood by the hospital bed of the teenager both loved but neither could control. The youth had often been strong-willed and disobedient with the ...

Former Trinity wresting great, Veryl Long, dies | Sports  Observer-Reporter

Veryl Long, one of the most successful wrestlers in Trinity High School history, has died.

Obituary: Teresa Krebs / Giving spirit started at home, saw no boundaries  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When the Krebs kids got home from trick-or-treating, mom mandated a moment of community responsibility before the inevitable sugar feast. “We'd have to give ...

Community Cornfest this Saturday in Carrick's Phillips Park  South Pittsburgh Reporter

Join in fun at the family friendly annual Community Cornfest under the great oak trees at Carrick's Phillips Park on Saturday, Aug. 17 from noon to.

Wilkinsburg Community Says Goodbye To Students' Safe Place  90.5 WESA

Interim Wilkinsburg High School Principal Shawn Johnston's voice reverberated through the intercom into bare, empty hallways on the second to last day of.

Iowa Rep. Steve King's campaign ties the Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez to 'communist' Cuba  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In one of the most publicized moments at Saturday's March for Our Lives, 18-year-old Emma González stood on the stage in complete silence, weeping.

Mayor Bill Peduto presides over Pittsburgh's 1st same-sex wedding  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Hundreds of thousands turned out for Pride Parade and the wedding festivities for 19 same-sex couples.

PPS Leaders Encouraging Black Male Students To Become Teachers  90.5 WESA

Though more than 60 percent of the students in Pittsburgh Public Schools are people of color, district officials said eighty-five percent of its teachers.

Coalition works to end the violence in South Pittsburgh  South Pittsburgh Reporter

Concerned with escalating violence in South Pittsburgh neighborhoods, the South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace (SPCP) recently convened a town hall.

2 part-time Hampton officers get full-time duty  Tribune-Review

Two former U.S. Marines recently became full-time Hampton police officers. Part-time officers Jeffrey Haus, 36, and Christopher Finnegan, 44, gained full-time ...

Some schools go back to normal schedules during Liberty Bridge closure  WTAE Pittsburgh

Some of the Pittsburgh Public Schools that moved up their daily start times because of the ongoing Liberty Bridge closure are going back to their normal ...

Pittsburgh schools asking educators to look inward to help close race gap  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Teachers and administrators tackle their own racial attitudes to help students learn more effectively.

Brashear, South Hills will be on 'modified lockdown' after shooting  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Extra security and counseling will be on deck at Brashear and South Hills after a shooting near the schools Wednesday.

Allegheny County considering lawsuit against drug companies over opioid crisis  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Allegheny County is about to ask law firms for proposals to sue the pharmaceutical giants widely blamed for setting off the current opioid crisis, the county ...

'Treatment is very difficult': UPMC trying new rehab push for drug overdoses  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Every day ambulances carry people just revived from overdoses to UPMC Mercy Hospital, only to have some of them walk out and promptly use heroin or ...

Mother of son at center of Woodland Hills principal controversy seeks justice  Tribune-Review

Vernessa Hines cannot understand how Woodland Hills Principal Kevin Murray is headed back to work cleared of criminal wrongdoing, while her son remains ...

BLESTO director Tom Modrak, former Steelers scout, Eagles GM, dies  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Modrak, 74, was executive director of the BLESTO scouting combine at the time of his death from a neurological disease.

Legal project helps transgender people get a name change  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Job interviews are stressful enough without having to explain why you're a woman named Bill or a man named Frieda. "What we hear most of the time is that ...

Teen killed, 2 hurt after shooting in Pittsburgh’s Knoxville neighborhood | WPXI  WPXI Pittsburgh

A teenager is dead and two people were taken to a hospital Thursday night after a shooting in Pittsburgh's Knoxville neighborhood, city police confirmed.

Can positive student-teacher relationships improve math scores?  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

If a teacher goes to a student's basketball game, will that help the student do better in math? It might. With a National Science Foundation grant, Pittsburgh Public ...

World Champion Bluecoats drum corps to perform at Gateway  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Seven world-class drum and bugle corps will be in the June 27 competition.

2 Butler County courses to host World Disc Golf Championships  Tribune-Review

J. Gary Dropcho, soon-to-be professional Disc Golf Hall of Famer, has his own term for the type of golf played at Augusta, Ga., and Pebble Beach, Calif. 'We call ...

Obituary: Ray Walker / Longtime Penguins radio producer  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When Bob Grove started to assume a larger role on Penguins broadcasts in the late 1990s, it was Ray Walker who helped a former newspaper man learn what it ...

| West Shamokin Varsity Soccer Continue Improving This Season  The Kittanning Paper

by Jake DeLuca. The West Shamokin Wolves varsity soccer team was able to improve five wins from 2014 to 2015 and third year Head Coach Joe Treglia hopes ...

Seven Former Pitt Letterwinners to be Honored at 51st Annual Awards Dinner

Oct. 10, 2011PITTSBURGH - The Pitt Varsity Letter Club will honor seven former letterwinners as 2011 "Awardees of Distinction" during the club's 51st Annual ...

Shooting, car crash near Allegheny General Hospital; one in custody  WTAE Pittsburgh

Police responded Monday afternoon to reports of shots fired on a street near Allegheny General Hospital, and a vehicle crashed into a pole, according to ...

Two families linked by the tragedy of drunken driving  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

James Posey was killed by a drunken driver, Robert Freund, on Dec. 22. His death has sent a shock wave of pain through both families.

Same-sex couples frequently chuck typical wedding traditions  Pittsburgh Post Gazette

From a simple backyard barbecue to an extravagant five-star bash, same-sex weddings are all about personal style.

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